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      Try Zoom Poker Now!

      Zoom poker is the fast-paced ring game and tournament format where your favorite opponents change every hand. This is because you play against a pool of players, instead of fixed opponents on one table. It's the fastest poker game experience anywhere online, and you can try it for free now.

      Here’s how it works:

      • Fold, and you’ll immediately be moved to a new hand, at a new table.
      • You can fold at any point when you are facing a bet. You can even click ‘Fast Fold’, which allows you to fold even when it is not your turn to act.
      • Watch the end of a hand play out by holding the CTRL key when you click the Fold button
      • Available across Hold’em and Omaha games, at various play money stakes.
      • Find Zoom tables under the ‘Zoom’ tab in the đánh bài lobby.
      • Play Zoom on the đánh bài poker Mobile app for Android™ and iOS devices.

      Zoom is currently available in play money ring games and tournaments for Hold'em and Omaha, at certain stakes only. Further stakes, game types and tournaments may be added in the future.