Buy Play Chips

      When it comes to having fun at the tables, learning a new variety of poker or simply testing your skills,Play Chips are a great way to get in the game.

      Every player receives 35,000 free Play Chips when they register with us.

      You can then top-up your Play Chips balance with15,000 free Play Chips every four hours.

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      Standard bundle cost Number of Play Chips
      $2.99 500,000
      $4.99 1,000,000
      $9.99 3,000,000
      $19.99 18,000,000
      $49.99 90,000,000
      $99.99 216,000,000
      $199.99 497,500,000
      $499.99 1,325,000,000

      If you want to get even more Play Chips for your money, watch out for our flash sales. There could be up to 150% more Play Chips up for grabs in each bundle.

      Please Note: Play Chips can only be purchased via your Stars Account; purchasing Play Chips from any other source is a violation of ourTerms of Service.